Every­one deserves a chance

Help­ing Hong Kong’s dis­ad­van­taged young gen­er­a­tion with social mobility

Project Share
Project Share is a pro­gramme under the non-​profit organ­i­sa­tion, Share (Asia Pacific) Lim­ited. It is ded­i­cated to increas­ing social mobil­ity of young peo­ple liv­ing in dis­ad­van­taged areas of Hong Kong.

The mis­sion is to under­stand the root causes of social immo­bil­ity of youth liv­ing in dis­ad­van­tage areas of Hong Kong, and to cre­ate pro­grammes that will con­nect and equip these youths with social and cul­tural cap­i­tal that ulti­mately can improve their abil­ity to move upwards socially in the com­mu­nity. Gra­ham New­man is a direc­tor of Share.
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