Aug­mented Reality

Augmented Reality

We spec­u­late that, if books were labelled with our AR graphic instead of a cat­a­logue num­ber, books would be eas­ily found when look­ing over the shelves (espe­cially in hard to reach places). We plan to attach a graphic to the end of each shelf which dis­plays a list of every book that resides there, plus one on the end of every book.

We pro­pose that our AR sys­tem would make nav­i­gat­ing an archive will become as easy as brows­ing the web. You only have to look at the boxes/​shelves to see what each con­tainer car­ries. No dig­ging around, no con­fu­sion, just a quick and easy process, allow­ing for more time research­ing the material.

With the new sys­tem, books will become inter­ac­tive. Images/​instructions/​explanations can spring from the page. Imag­ine if a researcher/​librarian was able to insert a book­mark with their find­ings and ideas about the con­tent, into the book, how use­ful that could be to future read­ers of the text. We could also visu­alise images such as archi­tec­tural struc­tures and plans, sculp­tures, skele­tons, atoms and com­pounds, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless.