Spec­u­la­tive design bot

Speculative design bot

A twit­ter­bot that uses trac­ery gram­mar, a story-​grammar gen­er­a­tion library for javascript. Tony Dunne writes in 2007:

The pri­mary pur­pose of crit­i­cal design is to make peo­ple think… For us, the inter­est­ing thing is to explore an issue, to fig­ure out how to turn it into a project, how to turn the project into some design ideas, how to mate­ri­alise those design ideas as pro­to­types, and finally, how to dis­sem­i­nate them through exhi­bi­tions and ideas.”

Link to the @SW7barguide

In addi­tion to tweet­ing reviews of the coolest, edgi­est, ironic-​est bars in SW7, the bot gen­er­ates a ran­dom SVG land­scape image; an exer­cise in using algo­rithms to draw. The SW7 is based on an project by Dann Hett